Friday, September 14, 2012

Brain, Kidneys & Ribs

It's been a few days since I've written a new post. Clearly I need to get in the habit of writing daily. You'll probably be a little thrown off by the title of this post but it's very straight forward. It's all about brains, kidneys and ribs.

Yesterday was a pretty small day in our classroom. For the bulk of the day we only had 9 kids in the room. When we were out on the playground one of the kids fell and hurt their hand. He came over to me, crying as if the world was coming to an end. I picked him up and asked him what happened. He told me he hurt his fingers and even the bones hurt. This is how the subject of brains, kidneys and ribs was started. So I asked him if he knew what the bones in his fingers were called, to which he replied, "white things." I told him that he was right and they were white but they were called phalanges. You would have thought I told him the funniest joke that anyone has ever told. Apparently he thought the word phalanges was funny. This got me thinking; kids know all their basic body parts but do they know some of the more obscure ones.
There was a group of girls next to me and I asked one of them if they knew where their brain was (I know this isn't an obscure part of your body but I was just curious). One of the little girls, Peyton, looked up and me with a huge grin on her face. Now if you knew Peyton you would know that pretty much everything that comes out of her mouth is hilarious so I should have been prepared for the following conversation...

Me: "Where is your brain?"
Peyton: "I don't know."
Me: "You don't know?"
Peyton: "I lost it."
Me: "YOU LOST IT? Where!?"
Peyton: "Back there..." (she point over her shoulder behind her.)

I could not stop laughing. She asked me what was so funny and I just hold her she was. I asked a few more kids where their brain is and I got a few more "I don't know" answers and one kid even pointed to his elbow. That's as good a place as any for your brain right? One of the boys came over and taught all the kids where their brain was. He said "guys, it's right here under your skull" and he pointed right to his forehead. Maybe he knows this because his mom is a doctor. I think he's just super smart :) Next the girl I was working with that day asked a few of the kids where their kidneys where. She got a lot of confused looks when she asked that.
Next I moved onto the ribs. I asked a few of them where their ribs where and when they told me they didn't known I would show them one at a time. I told them to run two fingers down their side and feel the bumps. I told them those were their ribs. This turned into a full on laugh-fest because I guess when you run your fingers down your side it tickles a lot. I'll take their word for it, I'm not a huge fan do being tickled.

Finally I asked them all where their heart was. Every single one of them knew the answer to that question. At least they know where the important part of their bodies are! I'm thinking of doing a little unit on the bones in your body around Halloween. After all it is an acceptable time to have a skeleton hanging up!

Kid Quote of the Day - "Miss Kelsey, we don't have regular tv anymore, we just have Nepflix!" I'm assuming he meant Netflix...

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  1. No problem!! I'm glad she keeps you ladies as entertaind as us at home lol. It's always a surprise as to what will come out of her mouth next!