Thursday, September 6, 2012

Just the beginning...

     I'm a daughter, a sister, a friend, a part time wedding planner but more importantly a preschool teacher. 

     I've worked at the same daycare since I was 14 years old. I started part time while I was in high school and through my first two years in college. I still remember the day I left TLC so I could attend Oneonta to finish my bachelors degree. I remember feeling like that place was my second home and I was leaving my second family. I cried so hard when I walked out the door on my last day (or what I thought was going to be my last day). 

     Once I finished at Oneonta, with a degree that I'll probably never use, I realized that it was time to get a full time job. I could have gone into the music field since I went to school for Music Industry but all I wanted to do was to get back into childcare. I applied and interviewed at quite a few places and was offered jobs at all of them but none of them felt like TLC did when I was growing up.

     So, I contacted Val, who has worked at TLC for as long as I can remember (she even worked with my mom when she was there for a couple years) and I told her I'd be interested in a job. Luckily there was an assistant teacher job available and I took it right away! It was a crazy first few months but soon after I got back the head teacher in my classroom decided to leave and I stepped into the head teacher position. That was a year and 8 months ago...

     It's been a crazy 20 months and I'd be lying to you if I said there weren't a few times that I wanted to walk away. It's been stressful but when I walk into my classroom and I get a hug or an "I love you Miss Kelsey" from one of those kids I know that I'm right where I belong. I love each of the kids in my class like they were my own. I watch them laugh and play, cry and scream. Throw fits that make you want to rip your hair out but as soon as you see them smile it melts your heart.

     I want to use this blog to talk about the best and the worst parts about being a preschool teacher. I want to share my ideas and funny things that happen in my classroom; trust me there are a lot of funny things that happen on a daily basis. I hope you enjoy this's just the beginning :)

Kid Quote of the Day: "I have a tendency to get grumpy." I could not believe one of my 4 year olds said that today. What 4 year old uses the word tendency?

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