Thursday, January 3, 2013

The worst parts...

There a lot of tough things to deal with when you become a preschool teacher. Some days the kids are wild, some days they all seem to be at each others throats. Some days something goes wrong and you have to throw away the plans you had for the day and just go with the flow. None of those are the worst parts of the job. The WORST part of the job is being sick all the time. 

I spent 90% of last winter with no voice. I had bronchitis, I had the stomach bug a few times, strep and the flu. Obviously teachers aren't the only people who get sick because of their job. You could be in the most sterile environment on the planet and you will probably still get sick. This year has been no different. I've had the stomach bug, strep once and a nasty cold right now. I should definitely buy stock in Mucinex, Halls and Gatorade. 

I'm sorry I spent this blog post complaining. I should be talking about all the joys of teaching and how every minute of everyday is rewarding but honestly, some parts of this job suck. Anyone out there have any miracle cures or ideas to stay healthy this winter...?

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